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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Getting older…

Sometimes the things you need to write about the most are the hardest things to put into words. I should clarify, I can come up with words….but they won’t be staying in the positive theme of this blog. Sometimes you just need to shout expletives out to the world but this isn’t the place. So, … Continue reading »

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Calling all control freaks

In my last post, I briefly mentioned the topic of control. Life can be, at best, a completely uncontrolled roller coaster that’s flying off the tracks. Things happen that aren’t ideal and you have to deal with it, like it or not. It can be very disheartening to feel like there’s no aspect of your … Continue reading »

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Talk less, do more

New Year’s Day has come and gone. Resolutions have been made. Most have already been broken. The eve of this day is a night of partying, of celebrating possibilities, of dreaming of something new. Wake up and, surprise, you are still you! You aren’t 20 pounds lighter and your life hasn’t changed except that you’re … Continue reading »

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Life Happens

For all of the “personal development” books I read and cds I listen to, you’d think I’d be more…well, developed. You’d think I would know that I need to keep chasing my dreams no matter what life throws at me. You’d think I’d know that people can’t change just because you want them to. You’d … Continue reading »

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