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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Spring Fever Baby!

If you live in NH and look out the window today, it looks like anything but spring. Snow, sleet, freezing rain that will form a nice layer of ice on the roads tonight. So, who’s this crazy person talking about Spring? My theory is this, the 1st day of Spring is in March. Therefore, March … Continue reading »

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Running is better than chocolate…almost

I was in a bit of a negative funk last week. It happens sometimes. I caught this case of the “woe is me’s” and let it suck me into its black hole. Here’s how I found my way out. I ran. I know, enough with the running thing already. But stay with me here. Come … Continue reading »

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I Want to be a Runner

I have tried several times in the past 9 years to get into running. I have a friend that has been running for years. She sings it’s praises for giving her clarity and helping her cope with stress. Not to mention that she can eat whatever she wants and will always be skinny. For her, … Continue reading »

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Accidental Genius

Sometimes it’s difficult to start a post. I get stuck in my head and start editing myself before any words even make it onto the page. No opening line sounds right. Well, my newest audiobook find may help me with that. That’s right, I present my first 2011 book recommendation… Accidental Genius by Mark Levy … Continue reading »

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