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Wannabe Runner Update

Posted by on April 21, 2011

The last couple of weeks have been less than stellar in the running department. How is that different from weeks before that? Well…it’s not really. The only mental difference is that I was expecting it to no longer feel like winter at the end of April.

The last couple of runs I’ve done, I decided to test out the ipod video camera and get some running “footage” (yes, pun intended!). Ok, I actually only taped while I was walking the hills but you get the point. (Please excuse the heavy breathing – this crap is hard!)

April 9th – 6 miles. My plan was only to do 5 that day but it was nice out and I felt like pushing a little. I’m glad I did.

April 16th – 6.6 miles of the 1/2 marathon route. It was in the 30s that day and VERY windy! Not a good combo for someone that is always cold. At one point, I seriously contemplated hitching a ride back to the parking lot.

Part 2…

Obviously, it’s not going very well. So, why am I still doing this?? That’s a great question…

There you have it. I’m trying to give this a real shot but until we get some decent weather, I’m don’t see myself loving it. Given that decent weather only happens here for a couple months a year, I don’t see this becoming a year-round fitness program but we’ll see.

And before you suggest it, I’ll address the treadmill thing. Yes, I have access to a treadmill. Yes, it’s located about 20 feet from where I sit all day. I can handle the treadmill for about 2 miles. After that, I want to poke my own eyes out! I don’t know if it’s the walking and not getting anywhere thing or if it’s staying at work longer than I have to…I am just not a fan. Time appears to stand still on a treadmill. I’ve tried covering the display, listening to good running music, listening to an audiobook, reading (which is easier if your just walking) and watching TV. Nothing makes it better. The only benefit is that it’s not cold…

Do all of these reasons mean that I’m trying too hard to convince myself to like something that just isn’t me??? Or is it my way of talking myself out of something that’s difficult? I’ll let you know after I finish the race.

To end on a positive note, there was one day last week that I had some time to go for a walk during lunch. It was beautiful out. Perfect temperature. Slight breeze. I walked over 2 miles and I actually felt like I was going too slow. That one day, I wanted to run but couldn’t because I was in my work clothes. I even went home after work and did run another 2/5 miles. So running is a good 55-75 degree activity. The rest of the time, maybe I should take up indoor spinning…

2 Responses to Wannabe Runner Update

  1. Kristi

    You know what I think? Well I’m going to tell you =) I think your a runner! RUNNER!!!! Deb is a ruuuuuunerrrrrrrr!!!!! Nanny nanny poo poo!!! =) look, you are attempting to run…. I like running the short distance that my low out of shape cardio level let’s me run and I don’t run a fraction of what your doing (timewise or distance!) Your too hard on yourself and running, enjoy it, be glad you have the option to like or dislike it. And I’m thinking when I get home to NE I’ll join ya for a run or two!!! Oh and I love the Vlogs!!! Especially the “footage”!

  2. admin

    You are too kind to me. You overestimate my running capabilities but thank you. The “footage” was a shout out to you!

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