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Posted by on April 28, 2011

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Oh Spring…where are you???

I love Spring…when it comes. It’s taking it’s sweet time this year and I must admit, it’s getting the best of me.  I’m feeling the lack of Vitamin D already.

This was taken on last Saturday, April 23rd. We got enough snow that day for our street to get plowed. Are you kidding me?? The snowbank covering my perennials only finished melting a week ago.  Welcome to “Spring” in NH!

But, as I am determined to remain a glass half full person, here is what is giving me a glimmer of Spring hope today.

This was taken yesterday after we finally got some much needed sunshine!  I sat outside during my lunch and felt my sour mood melt with the warmth.

The rhubarb is starting to sprout.  Finally, some glimpse of real spring-time progress!

We have buds on the trees.  Yay!!!  But, the real indication for me that Spring is here is…

..the turkey poop on the neck of my Lab.  Gotta love Spring!!!


7 Responses to Spring???

  1. Dianna

    Okay — I guess spring presents itself differently to each of us!! 😉
    visiting from Mama Kat’s; I also chose this prompt today.

  2. Barbara

    Turkey poop? Really? I’m glad that it’s finally warming up there and spring is finally coming around! Stopping by from Mama Kat’s!

  3. Mrs. Weber

    Visiting from Mama Kat’s ala Michigan and I feel ya – we are just getting rid of the snow here and have been dealing with rain for the past 2 weeks! Best part of your post is definitely the poopy dog…he’s too funny. Happy spring!

  4. Jessica

    I can’t believe you had that much snow last weekend. That is crazy. Poor puppy but at least

  5. Jessica

    sorry…hit the post comment button on accident. I was trying to say at least the poopy puppy is a good sign of spring.

  6. Adrienne

    Popped over from Mama Kat’s ~ I’m in Mass…we missed this last snow, but spring sure has been slow in coming! Went on to read a lot more of your posts, your about me, etc. and will start following my fellow New Englander! I enjoy your writing, and think what you’re writing about counts!! A life-long friend has just started a blog addressing some of those same things: I am learning (very new to blogging) that there’s a world of fellow sojourners out there ~ it’s very comforting! Adrienne PS – have to make time for one tree hill and idol!! And, one episode later, I’m hooked on the voice!

  7. Ada

    Ooo, yuck. Turkey poop. Not pleasant.

    We’re having a very late spring in MN this year too. We’ve had snow within the last week and my rhubarb is just starting to peep up through the cold dirt. Hoping we’ll both see a lot of sunshine and warm weather soon!!!

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