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Tagged With: depression

A not-so-positive topic

Sometimes you have days when your positive outlook goes into hiding. It got the crap kicked out of it by life. It feels like nothing, not even a run or the most well-meaning friend can bring back. I’ve wanted to do a post about depression for quite some time. This is a topic that I … Continue reading »

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Fill yourself back up

It been a while, I know. For the past month, everything you could think of has been thrown our way. My husband’s grandmother passed away which is leading to extensive family feuding, there was an incident between our truck, a deer and a tree, my father landed in the hospital and his house has somehow … Continue reading »

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Be Happy NOW!

Are you a motivator? Are you the one that people come to for a pick me up? Or do you feel the need to cheer people up even if they didn’t ask you to? Or are you a constant downer? Do you always manage to find the things that are wrong with your life and … Continue reading »

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