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Tagged With: positivity

Oprah’s Farewell

I admit it. I watch Oprah. I remember the early days of her show, before the 4pm time slot. It was entertaining, sure, but I never fully appreciated who she was and what she did back then. I just watched the 3rd last Oprah show ever (yes, they’ve gone a bit overboard with counting down … Continue reading »

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A not-so-positive topic

Sometimes you have days when your positive outlook goes into hiding. It got the crap kicked out of it by life. It feels like nothing, not even a run or the most well-meaning friend can bring back. I’ve wanted to do a post about depression for quite some time. This is a topic that I … Continue reading »

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Month 5 Project-Get control back and get positive!

So, how did I do with salvaging May and increasing positivity? Excellent!! Since my last post I completed one of the two books I was halfway through (I only have a couple chapters left in one that I could have finished Monday but I chose to enjoy the drive to Boothbay Harbor with my hubby … Continue reading »

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